This week is PRIDE in PEI and in our little Province every one is involved. By this I mean the City Councils, the Mayor, the Royal Canadian Navy, people in general. All flying the rainbow flag and participating in various activities, from coffee get together, to films, to music and of course the parade. The cities have painted the intersections in Rainbow colours. A couple from Summerside will paint your drive way in Rainbow colours and they have been quite busy. Many shops and businesses have Rainbow Flags, the reason for all this is the fact that we are a small province and everyone knows everybody so you really cannot not participate. Yes we have our bigots, one idiot businessman in Summerside who owns a Fish and Chips shop thought a good idea of speaking against Price Week, he claimed to be Born Again the problem was that he had a lot of hate in what he was saying, he got himself in a lot of trouble with the Chamber of Commerce and just about everyone else.

PEI the happy Island on this Pride Week.