Our little Nora di Capena has been sick, what she suffers from is not clear at all, it baffles the Veterinarians at the AVC of UPEI. So far we have seen 8 vets, each a specialist, she has spent a total of 5 days at the AVC going through tests of all sorts. We do know that she is in good health generally speaking and for an 8 yr old Wire hair dachshund she is doing very well.

All this started one month ago on a Sunday around 3:30 in the afternoon, she had symptoms that led us to believe she had had a stroke, she certainly behaved strangely and appeared dazed. On a weekend like this your only option is the emergency service of the Veterinary College at University of PEI. There is a $130 dollar surcharge for the service but it is excellent service. She stayed over night and went through a lot of tests.

All was clear and in fact the next day was her old self, we and the Vets looking at her believed she had been poisoned, some kind of toxin. A few weeks went by and nothing, then this weekend on Saturday at 3pm she had another episode, but not as severe this time nonetheless we returned to the AVC at UPEI. Again they kept her over night on observation and she did have one other small episode, Today, Monday she went through more tests for various disease, we are trying to understand what it could be. All tests come back negative, nothing abnormal.

We had 2 long debriefings with the vets about 5 of them looked and prodded Nora. They really do not know what is wrong with her. She is 8 and a half yrs old, she is considered an older dog but not old for a Dachshund. Our previous two lived to be 18 yrs old.

So she is back at home, we are to watch her and if there is an episode document it and if it persists to call the AVC where they have her complete file. This is not a cheap process and it is all in all worrisome. As for Mr Nicky well he was lost today because he did not understand where was Nora, he really does not like is routine upset by anything.

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