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Well August has ended and in 24 hours the weather changed from Summer to Autumnal, the tourists are gone, the city is quiet and rain clouds have rolled in and rolled out, giving us trees that glisten in the Sun light, a radiant green. It’s early evening and the setting Sun is casting long shadows, here and there a smell of wood fire burning. I think of upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday on 9 October, my personal favourite Holiday of the year. When I was on posting abroad, every year the Ambassador and other senior officers at the Embassy would get together to choose which Holiday Canadian and local we would observe, Thanksgiving was always on that list. On the other hand we always worked on Canada Day, not because we were disrespectful, no, but it was a day when a lot of things would happen and we had to be on hand to help out with Official functions.

But Thanksgiving was a designated holiday and we would all go to the Official Residence for dinner, hosted by the Ambassador. We always managed to have turkey on the menu even in countries where turkey was really not a known commodity. In Mexico where turkeys come from, we had the wild ones, black in plumage, they were quite good. In Egypt, they were flown in from Denmark, in Jordan we got them from Israël, kosher birds, quite good. In China we had beef brisket, turkey are designated as a capitalist bourgeois bird, hey China is the main alley of North Korea, need I say more.

Anyway I digress, this is about Charlottetown PEI! not about turkeys, but I wonder could you have turkey in PEI with a lobster and oyster stuffing? Oh!!!! that sounds so good and decadent and God knows this Island and food is a little paradise.

City Pools are closing this week, tour boats to watch whales, seals and do to tune fishing are all ending this week, boats are already pulling out of the Marina for Winter storage and the tourist restaurants are closing now at 8:30pm instead of 10:30pm. Soon they too will close until Spring. But many Festivals are on going this month and in the months to come, geared to Islanders.

What is great right now is the fact that peace and quiet has returned and for that we are truly thankful.


Prince Street nice and quiet in the setting sun of this Saturday evening


This week we had the first TUI cruise ship Mein Schiff 6 arriving from Hamburg Germany, an all German speaking cruise about 3000 passengers. A much larger ship than usual, very nice people and big spenders. Many came to the Art Gallery, it was a pleasure talking to them.


The garden on the East side of our house, our landlady has done tremendous work