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Despite being retired we do have a busy schedule of activities. We completed our week of attendance at the Theatre conference at the Confederation Centre, on show Canadian musical theatre by Canadian authors. We had visitors from out of Province and then Irma the hurricane.

My brother and sister-in-law both Americans, live in the Tampa Florida area where they have a house. They bought on higher ground and away from the beach front, they prepared for the coming storm and getting all necessary supplies. Stay or go what to do, at one point on Wednesday last it looked good and the storm was to be on the Atlantic side only. Suddenly all changed on Friday, they have her family near Atlanta, Georgia, could they risk driving up, was there time. On Saturday morning, my brother and his wife decided to make a go of it, they said goodbye to their neighbours, those who were left and did not want to go. They offered to drive them North but no they wanted to stay. The big truck was already loaded up, so they left their home and drove non-stop at snail pace North. It was pretty slow and in heavy traffic up to Gainsville, Fla. after that the road opened up and they arrived at their destination in Georgia, very tired but relieved to be away from immediate danger. They plan to return but who knows now when they can go home and what will be waiting for them.

We also have other friends in Florida vacationing in Venice or friends who have homes and condos for the Winter months, they are beachfront properties in this area also South of St-Petersburg. They fear for the worst and do not know when they will be able to go down to survey the situation after the storm.

Another friend has family in Chiapas, Mexico which was struck by a huge 8.9 scale earthquake. The quake was so strong that people in the Capital Mexico City felt the vibrations more than 1000 Km away, the good news the family is fine and safe.

In Canada we also have the enormous forest fires on the West Coast which have been raging for the last 6 weeks, something never seen before.


Sunday morning 10 September 2017.