The Lieutenant-Governor of the Province is the personal representative of the Sovereign and is the Head of State in the Province. The role is to listen and advise the Premier (head of Government) on Provincial matters. Our current L.G. is retiring after 6 years in Office, the end of his mandate and yesterday morning the Prime Minister phone to tell her that Her Majesty had accepted her nomination to the post and so the name of Antoinette Perry was announced as the 42e Lieutenant-Governor of PEI.  She will be sworn in probably in October since the Legislature re-opens for the Fall Session on 12 November and the L.G. delivers the Speech from the Throne which is the government Legislative program.

In the mean time discussions have to take place on when Her Honour will move from her home to the Official Residence of Fanningbank. Ms Perry is currently living in Tignish in Prince County which is the Western most point of the Island some 2 hours away by car from the Capital Charlottetown.

Perry taught French and music at Tignish Elementary School for 32 years until her retirement in 2009. She is a church organist in Tignish, a role she hopes to be able to continue. She became guardian of the church’s pipe organ with the passing of J. Henri Gaudet in 2000 and spearheaded a restoration of the instrument in 2011.

She has been active with the arts in West Prince, helped establish the West Prince Music Festival and directed Tignish’s Bicentennial Choir for the first recording of Ave Maris Stella, the Acadian National Anthem, with the official French verses.


Perry, who is fluently bilingual, will become Prince Edward Island’s 42 lieutenant-governor and the third from Tignish.


Highlighted on this map Prince County, which has a large Acadian population. Ms Perry is of Acadian descent.