This is a very good post on a topic few really understand. I remember when I lived in Rome many Canadians would ask the questions raised here in this article not understanding the historical background of it all. Italy is a complex society with 3000 years of history.

Rome - The Imperial Fora: Archaeological News & Related Studies 2010-19


ROMA ARCHEOLOGICA & RESTAURO ARCHITETTURA: Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy? THE NEW YORKER (5 October 2017).

Note: the comments by the Italian scholars cited directly here below were not part of the original NEW YORKER article. I am added them for the benefit of the American reader. But based on my experience in the study of the architecture and urbanism 1930s years Fascist era; too many American scholars have not studied or are not familiar with the history of modern urban planning in Rome (1800-1923). Because many of the Fascist era urban planning projects in Rome where planned and designed long before the Fascist era. Likewise, Mussolini’s Rome would have never came into being had it not been for the funding he received from American financial firms from the USA in the late 1920s. Furthermore, contemporary American scholars lack and understanding…

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