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With the Christmas Season all manners of public Xmas trees are going up in various cities. Some cities go for the big display and a giant tree with loads of lights strategically placed as a symbol of the City, a kind of tourism promotion.

This week in Rome the giant Xmas trees have been unveiled, one at the central Train Station TERMINI by Piazza della Repubblica and another one in the centre of the City at Piazza Venezia. In years past the tree at Piazza Venezia which is located in front of the Altar to the nation was a natural tree, this year it is a metal contraption looking like a big cone. It did not take long for people to criticize the decision of the city, newspapers carried editorials and reporting. In Rome everything is about style and look, it is so important to the Romans.


Xmas tree at the entrance of the Termini Train Station, this one is liked by many, not a natural tree but looks more traditional.


Here is the natural tree at Piazza Venezia in 2016.


Here is the 2017 version of the Xmas tree at Piazza Venezia in front of the Altar to the Nation. It does look like a giant metallic snow cone. Few like it, not stylish and not traditional. After all this is the central piazza of the city, who could be so gauche as to make this choice. You can see how big it is if you look at the people. I really don’t like it much.

Now across the Tiber river on the Vatican hill in the Papal State of the Holy See in Piazza San Pietro in front of the basilica is the Roman Catholic Church’s version of their annual Christmas tree unveiled tonight. For the occasion the bells of St-Peter peal and the Papal band plays military marches, there is usually a pretty good crowd. The ceremony of the unveiling is presided by Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello, Governor of the City State of the Vatican.


The tree this year is a gift of the Archdiocese of Elk in Poland.


A more dramatic shot from the colonnade of Bernini looking into the Piazza.