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We are almost ready for Christmas, so here are some pictures of today. It is windy and -8C but no snow which is great.

The house also smell nice, baking meat pies and cretons. We are preparing our Xmas Eve Dinner menu and it looks like we will have a Lobster meat and shrimp soup to start and then Acadian Meat Pie, a salad and a special sweet.

My mom use to make Creton with veal but this version Will made is beef and pork. Wonderful with toast in the morning or anytime of day.


Nora on the left with her long rough wire coat and Nick on the right with his smoother coat. They love the sunshine.


Nick turned around because I called to him.

IMG_3395.jpgThe 2017 Xmas Tree stands 2 meters tall.

IMG_3410.jpgDetail of the tree with our decorations from around the world, some are 40 yrs old


These little enamel painted balls come from China


This papier maché Xmas Frog came from a Xmas Fair in Ottawa, some 30 years ago.

Today I went food shopping at the Riverview Market which is owned by a Dutch Family and is as the name indicates facing the Hillsborough River. The Hand Pie Company from Borden was doing a special sale on their pies and though they had brought 600 pies with them from their shop in Borden, they sold out in 35 minutes. I was lucky to be able to buy the 3 last ones. Borden is not that far only 40 minutes from Charlottetown, so I could go there if I wanted to. By the Cash register this sign above Ginger Bread Men and Women appeared. I thought it was a sign of our times.