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For the last 38 years every Christmas we get a gift of a home made Fruit Cake from our friend John H., it never fails through the years John always gives as a Xmas gift to his close friends his own recipe fruit cake. He makes them at home and packages them which involve a lot of cheese cloth and liquor. One year I had a vintage fruit cake preserved over one year in brandy, that was very good and very special. He makes the dark and the light coloured cakes, they taste differently but in the end are quite good.

His fruit cake has nothing in common with whatever cakes you can buy in a store or from one of the Service Clubs who annually sell those insipid and dry cakes with the awful white icing on top. If you eat one of those you can be sure to never want fruit cake ever again.

So his annual Christmas fruit cake arrived yesterday afternoon with a very nice card all the way from Upper Canada courtesy of Post Canada.



Will also got an all Almond cookie recipe from the famous Dr. Spo in Phoenix. Will made a whole batch of them. Very good. sporeflections.wordpress.com