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Well it’s Christmas 2017 in Prince Edward Island and around the world. We are just waiting for our dinner guests here at home. All is ready, champagne is chilling, nice wines for dinner. The menu is a shrimp and lobster soup, Acadian Meat Pie with vegetables and for dessert Merlot wine jelly, had a taste last night and it is good.

This morning with the brilliant sunshine on the Hillsborough river I was listening to the Symphony no.8 by Dimitri Shostakovich. It is about the survival of the City of St-Petersburg, the old Imperial Capital of Russia during the 2 year siege it endured during the Second World War, music to the human spirit.

Tomorrow Christmas day we are going to friends for a late lunch, the weather forecast is not good very high winds in the 50 to 60km range, some rain and maybe snow. But we are just going 15 miles from home and it only takes 20 minutes to get there, highway driving.

It is very green around here now and with more rain in the forecast, oh well, we moved here for the European like weather.



Our table for tonight’s dinner, setting it up takes time

Before the guests arrive I am having a large scotch, Dalwhinnie 15 yrs old, neat!

Will today made Ginger bread men, women and bears which are now called Non-Binary gender fluid people.


Of course tonight, being a clear night, we will see a lot of this on the roads of the Island, no point in calling the police, I was told it is perfectly legal and I should be thankful and If I continue to complain, the police chief will personally deliver a bag of coal to my home. Ok I get it!


All the best to all of you, dear readers. Thank you for reading my blog and many blessings to you on this Holiday Season. I leave you here listening to French Christmas Music of the 17th and 18th Century, music I learned from my mother as a child. Music from old French Canada and France.