A nice blog of a life event in Rome and a memory of our beautiful long haired Dachshund Reese. Reading this post by Will, I relive this episode of our lives and see the streets and that old lady on the bus.

Willy Or Won't He

The first time Laurent and I came to Rome we stayed on the other side of the Tiber in the Borgo near St. Peter’s. The area takes its name from the German Burg and was an area of hostels and hospices for pilgrims as far back as AD 725. Given the events of the day we were at a bit of a loss on Thursday evening – comfort food was in order but neither one of us felt like cooking. So a trip to the Borgo and that trattoria that I can never remember the name of for spaghetti alla carbonara seemed the solution. And since we would be in the area we thought we’d have a look-in at the (mildly?) controversial Presepe in Piazza San Pietro.

Presepe in Piazza San Pietro

Taverna panel

St Joseph and Holy Infant

The Holy Family

Left panel

It was only 2000 but there were very few people in the Piazza and most were crowded around the Presepe by a rather…

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