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A few days ago our friend in Phoenix the infamous Dr. Spo asked us about what is our favourite cheese and could we let him know. Many of us commented on cheeses we liked. That got me thinking of the famous cheese shop we visited in Dresden, the old Capital of Saxony many years ago. When Dresden was still in full reconstruction mode after being re-united with the rest of Germany.

This shop is dedicated to cheese produced in Saxony and there is quite a variety of fine cheeses. The shop itself is famous for its architecture and decor, known as Molkerei Pfund ,137 years in business. It survived the terrible fire bombing of the City of Dresden in February 1945 by the English Air Force because it was on the other side of the river Elbe.


You have to love cheese and milk products to go there. The variety but also the aroma of the various cheeses on display makes it a gourmet’s paradise. The interior is all in beautiful painted tile work and is quite impressive. The food was good, we had on our visit a plate of cheese and potato soup. It was a Winter day so few tourists and it was well before Dresden became a tourist hub. With the City now completely rebuilt as it was prior to the war and the bombing, many people come to visit, too many perhaps.