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Well I went out early today, well early for me, 10am to do all the shopping for tomorrow because everything will be closed for the Holiday.  The stores were full and so was the Farmer’s Market but it all went well. Will cleaned around the house and the weather was lovely and warm, really Spring now.

Got the table set for lunch tomorrow, we will have a few guests in for Easter Lunch on the menu roasted Leg of Lamb, two veg, roasted potatoes with rosemary to start we will have puff pastry with asparagus. The dessert is fresh orange slices with a syrup of honey and cinnamon.  The tulips are from Vanco just down the road out of Charlottetown. Yellow, red and purple bunches.


Tomorrow the weather calls for rain in the afternoon, will see. Got some good European chocolates, not a lot just enough to say we have some. I know some parents who have been feeding their kids chocolates all week with the result that the kids are now bouncing off the walls on a sugar high.

Here is the Easter photo of Will with Nora and Nicky.

Notice Nora sniffing at the Espresso, if left unattended she will put her nose in the coffee and drink it, must be the milk and sugar she likes. Nick just lounges.


A few mornings ago,  the weather was foggy at sunrise and the air had a lot of humidity in it, it created an icy fog on the trees which only lasted as long as it takes the Sun to rise and warm up the air.


I hope you all have a fine day and enjoy yourself.