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As you probably know by now there is a Royal Wedding happening in May of minor royal prince by now. In all the Official paperwork that needs to be done for this wedding, the Queen as Sovereign has to give her permission and the Great Seal must be fixed to said documents which are then kept by the Privy Council Office. In those documents you can read that the party who is to marry is called H.R.H Prince Henry and Ms. Rachel Markle. You will hear those names pronounced during the wedding service so do not be surprise.

It is quite late and I am listening to piano music on Radio-Canada.  It is J.S. Bach and I love to sit in the dark and just listen to the music. It is so relaxing and enchanting. Bach’s Partita no 4, played by Glenn Gould and recorded in 1963.

Here is a compilation tourism poster of PEI, the Season is just about to start.


It was a French comedian who said:

Speaking of oneself leads to an absolute dead end.