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Yes two full months already on the municipal campaign trail, a lot of work and meeting a lot of people, business people, investors, entrepreneurs, developers, social activists, new comers and just plain people who reside here in Ward 1 Queen Square in Downtown Charlottetown.

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to talk face to face with so many people in our Ward. It has been very interesting and the reception has been very good, so thank you all. For those people I have not met yet, I will meet you soon, promise!

It is not over and I continue to hammer home the point that I am here for you and to work on your behalf. That my campaign is about accountability at City Council. Time for a new vision of progressive ideas at City Council, an up-beat can do attitude. There is so much to do in the next four years.

Charlottetown is a great multi-ethnic and multi-racial Capital, full of diversity and the future is here for us all. What is important now is how to approach the opportunities presented to us, what will we make of our Capital City.

I need your support and I need to hear from you. Please contact me and let’s talk. I have a blog on many topics and I continue to add topics as we go, all of it based on conversations with you, I am listening to you.

I am convinced like you that change is in the air at City Hall, so many of you wish for it. Let’s make it happen!

Contact me;   Lbwardone@gmail.com

My blog on WordPress, Laurent Beaulieu in 2018 or click on the link 


 This Municipal Election is about you!  What can I do for you? 

 Laurent Beaulieu for City Councillor, Ward 1.