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It is said that the tulip flower comes from Turkey and its shape inspired the turbans worn by Ottoman Officials and the Sultan.


Whatever the story here is a photo taken this week at Vanco Farms in Dromore PEI. A giant field of tulips about 25 varieties grown here on the Island for markets in Canada and elsewhere. Quite the sight to see, impressive, no need to fly to Holland to see this sight. It will be all over in a few more days when the tulips will be cut and will be available here and elsewhere. In fact I have bough tulips as early as a month ago at the local market, the price is anywhere from $5 to $8 dollars a bunch. Makes such a beautiful bouquet.

Spring is blooming in all directions at the Vanco Farms in the 50-acre tulip field in Dromore. Between 20 and 25 varieties – millions of bulbs – are planted, creating row after row of colour. The process of topping, which is cutting off the flowers, will take place in the next seven to 10 days.