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I hired a photographer to work with me during my campaign to take live candid shots has events unfold, I do not want pose picture. All my photos so far are candid on the spot. I have been very lucky with my photographer, Jared Doyle and Stephen Clarke, both are young under 25 but very good with all the new gadgets and electronics.

As we go along the street to meet people in my Ward and speak face to face which is very important here in PEI if you want people to vote for you. If the weather can only get warmer, it will be easier to canvas door to door.

I am also working on a new media project which I hope will be up and running next week.


In this photo I like the fact that my pamphlet is being held up by the person I am speaking with on the street. I was not aware that he was holding it up until I saw this photo.


Here at Government House or Fanningbank as it is known, I am listening to the Lieutenant Governor of PEI, who is addressing a group of young people who came to visit the Official Residence last week.


I make notes of what people say and who they are, etc. It is a good way to document what is of interest to people and what is of concern to them.