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The weather here in PEI has been more than unseasonably cold and abnormal, but this is Climate Change and we feel it. We have had frost at night in June, one or two days of above 19C and nights of 6C which again for mid-June is not normal. Everything is a month late, and so gardening and gardens in general have not appeared as they usually would by June 1.  There is a saying on the Island ”Don’t plant your flowers before the 10 June” Few have put their boats in the water, the marinas should be full by now but are half empty. If last year for the 150th of Confederation we were run over by tourists, not so this year. We will get tourists but I don’t think we will get the crowds of last year.


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Today we drove to York which is 12 minutes from our house in the countryside to the York Nursery, they have a beautiful array of flowers and their prices are better than the big in town nurseries. So we got flowers to put in our boxes on our balcony. The price of flowers and green plants in general is way up from 3 years ago. I do not know what the explanation is to that one.



Hopefully the weather will improve and warm up, the Winter was dreary and rainy, we need sunny weather for the beach.

Here is a picture of my new front plate on my car for this year. We have foxes in cities and towns on the Island a left over from the fox fur farming days. Now they live in neighbourhoods because the coyotes have moved in from the mainland and populate the rural areas.