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So here we are at Canada Day weekend 2018.  Last weekend was St-Jean Baptiste, the holiday of French-Canadians which goes back to ancient times in Gaul.

We are escaping the Capital by going up West to the Miscouche area which is near Summerside, to a small settlement called St-Nicholas. We have friends who have this very large farm, they don’t farm but rent out to farmers. They do grown wine and have a large wood lot and beach, in the distance you can see the Confederation bridge.

We are bringing the dogs with us, will see how they behave. Our friends have two old small dogs, it will be an interesting experiment.

We are also bringing a Moka-Chocolate cake made by a new pastry chef, I am trying her out but people who ordered her cakes say she is quite good.

It will be nice to be away from the City, though so far it has been very quiet tourism wise, not at all like last year with all the 150 celebrations.

I have been very busy training guides for both my volunteer jobs at Government House and learning all about the Art exhibit at the Gallery not to mention my on-going campaign. So I am not unemployed.

Our only concern is Nicky and Nora, especially Nora who tend to want to explore, so they will have to be on leash at all times outside. The weather promises to be hot and muggy 26 C.


this Realtor aerial photo shows the wooded area of the farm. The new housing development is called Sunbury cove and is not part of their farm. To get to their beach area we have to drive through the forested area and across the new development road. You could not walk from their house the area is too swampy.


By car a distance of about 50 minutes driving