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Today is the 14 November and we have hurricane grade winds at 100Km per hour, the ferry service to the mainland is suspended and the Sea Bridge at Borden is closed the wind on the bridge is around 120Km per hour. Because of the wind the wind chill factor is around -20C in mid-November, unbelievable, this is February weather. Last night we had a snow fall and then torrential rain which resulted in a mess on the roads. I had to drive to my dentist in Cornwall this morning it is only 15 minutes away but the wind and the black ice on the road made it treacherous. So we decided we cannot take this anymore, and we will be flying to Portugal this Sunday and we are extending our vacation for psychological reasons which Dr. Spo can explain I am sure.

The good news is I have yet again perfect teeth, you know that Colgate smile. Dentist was very happy with me, best patient ever!

Speaking of Cornwall, today is the Birthday of HRH the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles who is 70 years old. His Mom is giving him a big party at Buckingham Palace tonight.


photo credit Chris Jackson in the Gardens of Clarence House, London.

HRH Prince Charles surrounded by his two sons, their wives, the grand children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall. We forget that he is a grandfather now. I met him in Acapulco in 1974 at a reception given by the British Consul aboard a Royal Navy ship, he was doing his military service at the time. It was my 18th Birthday and he would have been 26 years old. We spoke in French, he is a fluent speaker.


He has already taken over the day to day management of the affairs of the Royal Family, his Mum has delegated to him quite a lot of functions, one being the management of the family’s budget and spending. He is known to be on the economical side of things and prudent in fiscal management. The Queen takes is advice on decisions, he is also more and more involve in affairs concerning the Kingdom and has access to papers and discussions with the PM which is all necessary given that he may be called upon to step in and could not be left out of the loop. It has all been done with a great deal of discretion. His son the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William is also groomed to take on more duties to familiarize himself with his future role in the next 20 years.