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I am posting this a few days ahead because we are going to Portugal on Sunday and will not be taking my computer with me. Anyway here you go, we started to celebrate last night with our friends and neighbours over dinner and a bottle of Rosé Champagne.

We met in 1978, I was a student at the University of Ottawa and Will was with our national airline. We had both moved on our own in 1976 to the National Capital, me for studies and he for work. We were both arriving from major metropolitan areas so Ottawa felt really small town.

What was suppose to be a one drink meet and greet has lasted all these years. We bought 2 houses and sold them, we moved, travelled and lived around the world, we had and have dogs, Dachshunds, Bundnie, Reese, Nicky and Nora. What a time we had and the wonderful things we have done. I am very grateful for those years with Will, I really cannot imagine my life without him and without all the music festivals we went too over all these years here in Canada and around the world. The parties we gave and all the food Will cooked and fancy recipes with the funny stories that went with them.

So to celebrate we are off to Portugal, make the anniversary special has we have always done with any and all celebrations, be it Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, vacation time, etc, our day 23 November. We got married 11 years ago in late July but our November date is the one that matters most to us.

L&W JAN 2011 ROME.jpg

Rome 2010 at the top of the stairs of the Capitoline hill

laurent will via appia.jpg

Via Appia Antica, 2009


Cape Sounion, Attic Peninsula, Greece late afternoon


Roman Summer Season of the Teatro del Opera at the Baths of Caracalla.

laurent assisi will.jpg

Vacation in Assisi, Italy


Will and I often attend cooking school and this one just outside Rome, Will is making ravioli by hand, I believe they were stuffed with pumpkin purée and quite good. I made a dish of grilled anchovies, using the entire fresh fish, it is very sweet and pleasant.

laurent Bristol.jpg

At dinner after the Opera during the Salzburg Whitsun Festival at the Sketch Bar, Hotel Bristol, Salzburg, Gunther the barman took the picture. May 2009. We stayed and dined at this hotel in our many visits to Salzburg for the festivals.

thurs walk6.jpg

At the Mozarteum in Salzburg during the entracte, Will reading the program notes of all the concerts for the Season 2011.


1996 Christmas in our home in Hunt Club in Ottawa. I came home from Jordan. Photo in our dining room with those little sterling silver snowflakes in the foreground hanging from the chandelier, that we still use at Xmas time.


Our last picture in Ottawa, taken by Jean-Marc Carisse in 2016. Wearing our Austrian trachten jackets.


What can one say of a life time of wonderful memories. It’s been a slice! May it continue for many more years.


Rubies the stone of a 40th Anniversary