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Love these old songs 1949 Louis Armstrong. It was a simpler time nothing like today.

I was parking at the supermarket today and the radio it was Saturday Afternoon at the Metropolitan Opera. It use to brought to us all by Texaco now it’s a luxury home builder.

The host of the show Mary Jo Heath mentioned that in the Opera Siegfried by Richard Wagner, the wanderer who is Wotan in disguise asked a question of Erda the Earth goddess about the future. Her reply about Ragnarök and the Apocalypse predicts terrible events to come. The Host made the connection with a series of articles in the New York Times this week on climate change and how human behaviour will not change enough to save us all from the great calamity around 2030 which will signal our end.

Just last week an eminent scientist in Canada was interviewed by Radio-Canada on climate change which is happening twice as fast here than anywhere else due to climatic conditions. The experts said when asked about our collective future, that he had NO hope for humanity, in his words it is too late now. This is quite chilling to hear.

So as I walked to the store from my car, this young family came by and I thought these little kids will probably not have much of a future and their parents are probably unaware. Too many people refuse to believe and become agitated when you point out the dangers.

In Canada 84% of the population is quite worried about the climate and the environment but we still have Conservative politicians who bank on ignorance to get elected.

So I listen to the old tunes from a less threatening time, all we had to worry about then was Atomic warfare.