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The correct pronounciation of this city is OLE SUN the accent above the A changes it into an O sound.

Ålesund is a port town on the west coast of Norway, at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord. It’s known for the art nouveau architectural style in which most of the town was rebuilt after a fire in 1904, as documented at the Jugendstilsenteret museum.

We spent a good time in Alesund and despite the rainy and cold weather it was interesting to visit. The highlight of the visit was a little bus tour we took to the Islands of Giske and Godoy, Road 658 will bring you there. The Norwegians built an interesting system of tunnels to connect the islands with Alesund the main town. The tunnels are about 500 feet under water and are single lane with a easement to allow you to let incoming traffic pass you while you are travelling in the opposite direction. Some tunnels are just about 2 kilometers with others can be quite long.

The Godøy Tunnel (Norwegian: Godøytunnelen) is a subsea road tunnel which runs between the islands of Giske and Godøy. The tunnel is 3,844 meters (12,612 ft) long; it is part of County Road 658 and the Vigra Fixed Link.
Tunnel clearance: 4.5 metres (15 ft)
You should not be claustrophobic in such a situation. The reason why they do not have bridges between the islands is because of the severe weather conditions during storms. Since both islands depend on link to Alesund for hospitals and medical care and other emergency services, schools and shopping, the tunnels are the most practical solutions, not to mention a feat of engineering.

Godøya or Godøy the island is famous for its beautiful nature, dominated by the 497-metre (1,631 ft) tall mountain Storhornet and the large lake Alnesvatnet.

Godoy island has 1,117 residents. Most of the population lives on the southeastern side of the island in the village of Godøy. There is a lot of cultivated farm land along the shores. fishing and fish processing are the main industries for the island. 

A variety of wildlife can be found on the island, mammals such as deer, otter, seal and mink are predominant. The steep mountain sides of the island also contain a number of nesting White tailed Eagles.


Godoy Island




View of Alesund on our way back from the island of Giske.


Our ship in port of Alesund
Alesund panorama. The city was largely rebuilt after 1904 in the Art Nouveau style which is lovely and gives a lot of character to the city.
As you can see from my photos we alternate from sunny to cloudy to rainy all in a matter of a few minutes.
Lovely town to visit but the cold weather put a bit of a damper on things, still we were happy we got to see it.
Giske was a quiet little place and we visited an old church and its cemetery. Again the peace of the place and the quiet are charming and makes you appreciate the quality of life people no doubt enjoy here.
Our guide explained how to read the Norwegian tombstones, when people die in such a small place, all families know each other and know if you are from Giske or from some other area or village in Norway. So if you are from Giske you will read the first name of the person and then Giske. This does not mean this is their family name. The family name is omitted but you have the date of birth and death and of course you are buried with your spouse and other family members so everyone knows who this is resting in eternal peace. These old churches use to be Catholic but since the Reformation in 1530 all of them are Protestant.
I do not have photos of the inside of the building, though photos on the internet shows a truly beautiful building simply decorated.
After Alesund our ship travelled a short distance to Geiranger and its myriad of glacial waterfalls.
Catamaran in Alesund Harbour, notice the roof is all solar panels which helps propel it.