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The highlight of this cruise for me was our visit to the City of Bergen. A beautiful city and also the place where composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) lived with his wife, musician Nina Hagerup-Grieg (1845-1935) at Troldhaugen. She was a noted Soprano and a friend of composer Frederick Delius.


Our arrival in Bergen from Geiranger and cruising down the North Sea. Bergen is a mixture of modern architecture and old wooden houses. It has beautiful theatres and museums, a city of art and culture.

On the day we visited we had brilliant sunshine and downpour of rain and mixed up together with high winds.


We docked in the container port area and took a bus for a 1 minute ride, it was not safe to walk around moving cranes and trucks in that area.


Traditional old wood houses in the centre of Bergen.


The National Theatre where Henrik Ibsen had his plays first performed.


Since Ibsen is seen has the father of modernism in theatre, here is his statue in modernist style.


The centre of Bergen has beautiful parks and walkways like this one in front of the National Theatre.



The Museum with a banner proclaiming ”Actually the dead are not dead” we did not have a chance to investigate what that meant.



A pedestrian shopping street with beautiful stores, you can tell by the dark clouds that rain was present. But without rain it would not be Norway. In fact the old saying is ” There is no bad weather only bad clothes”. People did not seem to pay any notice of the rain or the wind, they simply went about their activities and life goes on.