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Well another Halloween, this year did not buy a pumpkin, no candies, just quiet at home, it is the first time in my life that I have not gotten a pumpkin. No point in doing anything since where we live there are no kids and being in the tourist district, now that the Season is over, everything is closed until May next year. So it is very quiet here and pleasant. This is one section of Charlottetown that dies after Thanksgiving and will not come back to life until May 1 when the first cruise ship arrives, still most businesses will be closed until June 1, so you wonder why bother having visiting cruise ships, nothing to see.

We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow night at the Club and I think it will be fun.

A myth has been debunked by the media surrounding Halloween candy, apparently since 1958 there have been 200 reports of tampered candy and this has raised a lot of concerns amongst certain parent groups and media types who love click bait and ratings.

In Canada no children has ever been sick or died from so call tampered candies. It appears from Police investigations that it is a hoax. I remember as a child going out trick or treating  and coming home with a loot, in all those years never saw nor heard of anyone being poisoned. But there was always someone in need of 5 minutes of fame who made some kind of complaint about candy handed out. Then all manner of suggestions were made to protect children, basically keep them home and buy your kids candy. That way total freak control.  In fact the only death of a child by cyanide poisoning happened in the USA, the father poisoned his own child with candy laced with cyanide. He thought that if he told police that he could not remember where he got the candy they would assume that is was somewhere in the neighbourhood. But after a careful investigation it came back to this fellow who got the death penalty in 1984.

I also found a very useful chart of wine pairing with halloween candy, I am sure we can all use it.


Well happy Halloween to you all!