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What is the link between having your roof repaired and the sack of Rome by the Gauls in 390BCE you might ask. Well a lot I tell you.


Today the roofing company came to do maintenance work and replace the old roof on our house. Nora our little wire hair Dachshund is a hunting/tracking dog by nature and a guard dog by choice. She guards the house and her excellent sense of hearing and sight allows her to detect anything even if it is 600 feet away, nothing escapes her. She also has a very sharp sense of smell.

So with all the noise of the roofers she was distressed about the noise and all the people, warning us with her sharp high pitch hound bark of impending invaders, doom I tell you.

Nicky our male Dachshund well he just can’t snooze quietly with all this noise and that is annoying, no he won’t bark unless provoked. Nicky is a show dog with a long European pedigree, he is on the catwalk of life, paparazzi, gourmet biscuit for the idle dachshund. Let Nora do all the work I don’t need to get involved. His ancestors are Italian so no doubt they slept when during the night in 390 BCE the Gauls invaded Rome.

It was up to the Sacred Geese of Juno to sound the alarm. Had Nora been there she would have repulsed those uncouth Gauls back and off the Capitoline Hill.


Nora with her fierce look and Nicky in profile looking noble and aloof. Stranieri lascia Roma says Nora in her best Italian or Latin, Roma externi relinquo!