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This is one of 2 videos on YouTube by Delia who is an icon of British Cooking,  she is now Dame Delia. All her recipes are great and easy to follow and so much fun. Even if you do not do any of these recipes, just watching puts you into the Christmas mood.


I have my own little chef at home for Christmas, Chef Will and for all these years we have always had wonderful Holiday meals thanks to him.

Here are some photos of Will working at making our Christmas Plum Pudding.  I do all the shopping so Will gives me a long list and often while shopping I will get an iPhone message asking that I buy this or that ingredient he needs.


At the beginning this mix of bread and self-rising flour and eggs will be added to and blended with all the fruits.


All the various fruits are mixed in and soaking in Brandy is added and must be stirred every 20 min. so the Brandy mixes in nicely with all those fruits. Please see the recipe published yesterday for all the details.


The Suet, which you get at your local butcher and is an essential ingredient to making Plum Pudding.


These are Jars of stem ginger in syrup another ingredient of the Plum Pudding. The raw ginger has to be peeled first and cut up.


The plum Pudding in its dish and must now be steamed for 3.5 hours, this was done on 23 NOV.  and will be served on Christmas Day and flamed with a good quality Brandy. Will made 2 large ones and 2 small ones. I like plum pudding the next day cold for breakfast.