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We listen to a lot of radio and every morning the minute we get up we turn on the radio. Per example this morning, a very bad storm was raging and we turned on the radio morning show from Halifax on the CBC. It has lots of music which appeals to a wide, if older audience, + 50. But the music has lots of references to souvenirs and memories relevant to anyone over 50. You also get the regional weather and news. The weather for the Maritimes, which impacts the whole area despite the fact we do not live in Nova Scotia. It is just across the Strait from us and quite visible some 12 Km away.

Then this afternoon on the eve of the new season of Metropolitan Opera Broadcast from NYC we had Canadian Tenor Ben Heppner of the CBC Saturday at the Opera with his guest Mary Jo Heath,Host of the Metropolitan Opera broadcast. The Opera today was a classic Hansel and Gretel usually played around Christmas time by Humperdinck.

On any given day we have music playing it is usually classical on the CBC or Radio-Canada. We never listen to local radio stations which only play musak pop with loads of advertisement.

What do you listen too or do you listen to the radio? Here are two songs I heard this evening at dinner on the Radio Canada show from Montreal with host Claude Saucier. Do you remember them?