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So it has been 63 Christmases for me, in the last 42 years Will and I celebrated Christmas in many different countries and Capitals. Today at lunch with friends in our home here in Charlottetown, looking about the wonderful table and the good conversation I thought to myself how fortunate I am. Will prepared yet again an incredible meal, so much hard work and attention to details, everything was perfect. All our Christmas or celebrations have always a special something, it’s an event thanks to him.

But more to the point, what crossed my mind was the fact that we had one more beautiful Christmas ”en famille” and I am a lucky guy in many ways and appreciated today this special moment like so many others in our years together.  Today was our third Christmas here in PEI and despite moment of wondering why we were here, we are now established and have a network of friends. Appreciate what you have and think that so many do not have as much. Appreciate your life partner and how that person enriches your life in so many ways and today is a day to reflect on this while the city is quiet.


Christmas at home in Charlottetown 2019.