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Though I chose this song with Jo Stafford we are far from September. It is a song I heard many decades ago and always liked. On 7 March the Winter show at the Art Gallery opens it will showcase Victor Cicansky (Czekanski) a Canadian artist of Romanian descent, born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is a known gardener and ceramist, he is 85 years old. Art and gardens have been Victor Cicansky’s life since boyhood in Garlic Flats, a neighbourhood of East Regina known for its vegetable gardens and large Eastern European Immigrant population. I went to the Art Gallery to see the pre-opening exhibit. it is beautiful, fun, colourful. Here are some pictures I took.


Curious Hybrid. Bronze, patina, acrylic paint. In 1975 Cicansky broke is big toe while renovating his house. This sculpture answers the question: What do you do with a crutch.


Beef, this is a giant installation on the wall of the gallery.


up close detail of this sculpture.



Love this table, the foot representing the limbs of an apple tree.