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On this day 2 Kings died, Charles II son of the unfortunate Charles I who died at the hand of Cromwell, died on 6 February 1685 at age 54 at WhiteHall Palace of kidney failure. Having no children of his own, his brother James II became King.

Nearer to us on 6 February 1952 King George VI died in his sleep at age 56 at Sandrigham House, his daughter Princess Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen 68 years ago today. Her Coronation was held in June 1953 respecting the rules of mourning. She is today the longest reigning Monarch of Canada. Queen Elizabeth II will be 94 years old in April. The 6 February is not celebrated but a day of remembrance for Queen Elizabeth of her late father.


King George VI and his daughter Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen. 


The Funeral of the late King George VI in London, February 1952. He is buried in St-George’s Chapel in Windsor with his wife the Queen Mother, d. March 2002 and daughter Princess Margaret, d. February 2002.