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Today is a miserable day weather wise, sleet, snow, freezing rain, poor visibility and low clouds, everything is closed for the day. I would not venture out not worth it.

Will was watching a video cook show with Lori Brown who cooks in her home kitchen, she owns a farm 20 acres in Imboden, Arkansas. It is folksy and she has a heavy Southern Accent, I have to pay attention because I do not always understand her. She speaks slowly and all the recipes are easy to understand. She calls her husband Mr Brown. Imboden is a small community, pop 630, the biggest town is Jonesboro pop 77K. a 45 min drive.

So I decided to try to make her upside down pear cake with almonds or pecans. It was super easy to make and very good.  She called for common pears which I took to mean Bartlett’s. You can watch her video on YouTube at Whippoorwill Holler. You can find this recipe on her site.

Here is the result.


Upside down pear with almond cake,  Gâteau renversé aux poires et aux amandes