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At night I like to listen to music on Radio-Canada from Montreal. I find it relaxing.

At dinner we will listen to Stanley Péan who host Quand le Jazz est là, who presents a variety of jazz following the great names and their music. Afterwards after 9pm is the classical music which is adapted to that time of night with Marie-Christine Trottier hosting Toute une Musique.

Tonight its the music of John Field.

John Field, (born July 26, 1782, Dublin—died Jan. 23, 1837, Moscow), Irish pianist and composer, whose nocturnes for piano were among models used by Chopin.

Field first studied music at home with his father and grandfather and afterward in London with Muzio Clementi, under whose tuition, given in return for Field’s services as a piano demonstrator and salesman, the boy made rapid progress. In 1802 Clementi took Field to Paris and later to Germany and Russia. Field quickly secured recognition as a pianist and composer and in 1803 settled in Russia, becoming for a time a popular and fashionable teacher. He played extensively throughout Europe during the next 30 years and had great success.

Field was one of the earliest of the purely piano virtuosos, and his style and technique strikingly anticipated those of Chopin.