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Festivities at our house never stop, any excuse is good to pop a cork of champagne and eat cake. So Sunday 23 February is our Nicky’s 11th Birthday. Nicky is very different from Nora in personality and temperament. He plays Mr Tough guy and he has a ferocious bark for a 12 lbs dog. but it is all show. He also thinks that he has to protect Nora from just about everything and Nora is annoyed by this and will beat him up.

Because his father was a European Champion Show dog, Nicky thinks he too is a show dog and for a WireHair Dachshund he has all the qualifications. Yes he is on the Catwalk of Life.


We call him Nicky Sunshine because he loves to lie in the Sun so much and just sleep, always looking for a ray of sunshine. Like in this photo above taken in Rome in our study on Via dei Villini, staring into the Sun.


He loves to sit with me and it is a routine with him, I have to sit and then he comes and sits beside me so he can get a cuddle. We do this in the morning and for sure at night after dinner. He also has the habit of going to bed at 10pm this is something we have never been able to figure out, how does he know the time? He does get a cookie before bed but then again he gets a cookie if he goes outside, etc. Habit I suppose. Same for his dinner always at 5pm and in the morning he use to get up at 7am but lately it is more like 7:30am. He has his own little routine and we are just the personal attendants.


Nicky in profile and Nora with her severe look.



Nicky resting again from his active hound life in the sunshine. He is a little monster when it comes to attention grabbing, constant whining until he gets what he wants, very stubborn, never forgets except for commands which he always looks puzzled when you order him about, you talking to me look.

We get so use to them in our lives, a constant presence. Happy Birthday Nicky.