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Here are some photo old and new to give you an idea of what is happening at the City Palace Berlin now known as the Humboldt Forum set to open in September 2020.


This is the rebuilt City Palace, the South East corner. The photo below is the way it was prior to the Palace being bombed 1944 and destroyed 1958.


Same South East corner. The Eastern portion has a the private Palace garden with a fountain and the old quarters of 1445 where the Royal Family lived. The architect proposed the modern Eastern look to please the politicians in the Bundestag.


Here is a photo of Portal 1 on the South Side. It has been rebuilt exactly as it was. This photo dates from 1890. Note the two Grenadier guards and sentry boxes.

Berlin palace 1860.jpg

This photo is truly ancient around 1865 when the front Eosander portal (West) of the City Palace faced a row of houses which will be demolished around 1885 to make way for the monumental memorial to the first German Emperor Wilhelm I. The gate is also interesting, when this photo was taken it was the City Palace of the King of Prussia. Above the columned gateway there is no Coat of Arms and 4 statues are missing a top the columns. Kaiser Wilhelm II will have modifications made to make this portal more grand befitting his new station in life as Emperor of Germany and King of Prussia.


The memorial to his grandfather was demolished by the Communist government in 1958 and will not be rebuilt in the current plan.


The monument is like a seesaw to symbolize German Unity and people will be able to walk on it as it rocks back and forth. Quite the modern concept.