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So yesterday was a gray day with light fluffy snow which melted before it even touched the ground. Given that the City is dead quiet, no car traffic, very few people, it is nice to have this kind of silence. We live by the Hillsborough river and the Cruise Port of Charlottetown in the old original part of this small town. It can get noisy and hectic with people, businesses and visitors. Now it’s quiet and am happy about it, though I realize it is so for all the wrong reasons.


I had a wonderful Birthday, Will has a recipe for Pizza, making his own fresh dough, letting it rise and then he made fresh tomato sauce ( no jar or can stuff) with 3 topics no more, just like in Italy when we went to our favourite Pizza place, Disco Volante on Via Alessandria 50 or Pizzeria San Marino, Corso Trieste 163. The secret to any good pizza is freshness and made from scratch. The rest is absolute rubbish. For dessert we had a little dessert I made from a roll of puff pastry usually used for pies. So I simply unroll the dough, then I butter it up and then apply a generous portion of dark brown sugar, thin slices of Cortland Apples, a sprinkle of Raisins, sliced almonds. Then I roll it all up and put on a baking sheet covered in parchemin paper, I also use an egg wash on the dough for that nice golden colour. Bake for 18 min at 400 F. Voilà!


Birthday Dessert with candles at 94 years young. WELL NO!!!!! Someone was having fun at my expense. Nonetheless the dessert was very good, if I say so myself.

We also had a bottle of Prosecco well chilled. Many people phoned me and I also got some fun videos and one was a live concert from my next door neighbours who are professional classical musicians. It all started at 8am with a delivery by a friend of a bouquet of live tulips. It was all great and I did promise everyone that once this is over we will have a proper party.

We only listened to the news at 9am and again late in the afternoon. Yesterday I was trying to find out what was going on in Parliament in Ottawa, where an emergency debate with a quorum of 30 Members took place to pass emergency financial help and other measures. The package was finally passed at 3am on Wednesday Morning 25 March, it was passed by the Senate today and on to the Governor General for Royal Assent.

I also refuse to listen to the CBC who is deliberately undermining the Government to get more click and bait.  We do have a wide choice nowadays of what you wish to listen to, with internet Radio I can listen to stations everywhere, like KBAQ 98.5 Fm in Phoenix.

The news in PEI is that we now have 5 cases. Also one liquor store, the big one on University Ave is re-opening, which is a good move, given that we are the only province in Canada who went so far as to close all liquor stores. Cannot imagine doing that in Quebec, their would be an insurrection. This is the Province where you can drink on Election day and enjoy a drink at 8am. In the rest of Canada it is NO liquor before noontime.

Today is another Sunny day, Spring is here and we are busy washing and cleaning the house. Curtains, floors, carpets etc… We also bought a Lampe Berger which is a French invention to purify the air and eliminate odours, it works like a charm. In 1898, a Pharmacist named Maurice Berger invented the Lampe Berger.



He came up with the groundbreaking idea of using catalytic combustion to purify the air, and once he proved his theory, the Lampe Berger became a fixture in hospitals, morgues, and household throughout France.

I really had to go out for a short walk around the block and enjoy the fresh air and the Sun. The streets are deserted like Great George Street which leads to the Legislature.



Finally at midnight tonight the Quarantine Act comes into effect nationwide. Too many people were not self-Isolating upon returning from foreign travel. Some real horror stories today of people deliberately infecting others knowingly because they did not want to be stopped and put in quarantine. A bit late but now at least its jail and fines for those people. So much for those nice Canadians.