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So as part of my daily routine now, believe me you need an established routine when a pandemic is on because though we are not on lockdown there is nowhere to go outside of driving to the beach or around the island or doing grocery shopping and that is not pleasant right now with all the risks around.

In the morning I get up, we take care of the puppies, then have my coffee,  shower and shave every morning even if we are not going to see anyone obviously. We have been in the house now for 9 days simply because we are following the advice of our Chief Medical Officer for PEI, Dr. Heather Morrison, stay home, stay safe. I also take my temperature everyday, I am normal. We phone people or send Emails, SMS etc to keep in touch with them, just to say hello. Do chores around the house, washing clothes, cleaning etc. Keeping busy is important. Also only listen to the news 2 daily, I find there is too much hype, spin and useless drama. Listening to Susan Bonner on CBC readio News at 6 is panic inducing, her tone of voice is full of drama and alarm, she does not know how to simply read the news. You have to wonder if it’s the producers behind the scene, click and bait school of journalism.  Not to mention Carol Off or Rosie Barton and Vassy Kapelos the grade 10 teenagers on the CBC.

I have gone back to listening to Internet Radio from around the World for music etc.

Today is World Theatre Day and when I think back to the wonderful plays we have seen with great actors throughout the years, so many plays in so many cities. Good theatre is joy! Here are three which made an impression on me. While in Dublin we went to The Abbey and saw the powerful play Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching towards the Somme by Frank McGuinness. Another play was The Three Penny Opera by Berthold Brecht and Kurt Weill in French and stage in this production in Montreal in 1939 during the Royal Visit of King George VI. In London One man two Guvnors by Richard Beam based on Goldoni’s play The Servant of two masters. So yes good theatre is a treasure to enjoy.

We should think about this treasure because the Covid 19 pandemic is going to reap a terrible price on the arts in general.

Today one year ago we were in Halifax visiting the city.  At this time of the year Wisteria is in bloom. I remember walking on the Corso Trieste in our neighbourhood in Rome and giant Wisteria plants would hang down, some stretching several floors on buildings.


We are not out of the woods yet, only 11 cases in PEI all at home doing ok. Tonight the Premier announced that schools are not re-opening before mid-May if at all. What will happen to the kids school year? He has 3 kids and 2 of them will probably have to do work from home but it will not be easy. His oldest is at University and students are doing all courses online. Many parents are simply not equipped to teach their kids. We all know that the tourist Season is dead, the Lobster and seafood/fishing season will be in severe difficulties now, the export and local markets have vanished. The Prime Minister has announced a very generous financial support plan for companies and people affected.

On the family front, my sister and her husband both work in the Bronx at a big hospital as social workers and they have been told to prepare for a surge (50%) in patients next week. I am very worried for both of them. But one remains hopeful, we tell ourselves this will pass but there is so much uncertainty. It is really out of our hands.