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This Friday morning I had a list of items I needed so off to the grocery store I go. I have a mask and surgical gloves. The store is in Stratford formerly known as SouthPort across the river from us, a short 5 minute ride away. I stopped at the gas station to fill up and saw the new low price of 0.71 cents just 7 days ago it was $1.14 a litre so I filled up, putting on my gloves first so as not to touch the pump and it cost me only $14. I cannot remember when was the last time I paid so little, maybe 1982. The grocery store is a Sobey Extra which is a giant store with a drugstore and a liquor store (closed at the moment) next door. I like this store, it is clean and well managed, the carts are clean, the parking lot was a quarter full this morning around 10:30am. The shelves were well stocked, the only 2 items you cannot find is Lysol wipes and Hydrogen Peroxide, otherwise it’s all on the shelves, lots of meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. I was looking for lamb because Easter is coming but I think ham is more popular, there was an awful lot of ham of all kinds. I did get the Lamb for our Easter lunch which will be a small affair this year, only the two of us. Saw my favourite cashier chatted briefly across the plexiglass divide. The only problem with wearing a mask and glasses, your glasses fog up. I noticed that almost all shoppers had gloves on, with the exception of a few under 35 yr old people and everyone was very good at keeping 6 feet away from others including at the Cash register. All the aisles are one way so you must follow the arrows pointing the direction of an aisle, again people were careful to do so.

The new procedure is when you go to check out, you must wait on the designated spot on the floor until the cashier motions you to come forward. The cashier will motion to you to put your items on the conveyer belt after it has been disinfected with bleach, this must be done after each client, you also bag your own now. The music playing in the store was Whitney Houston, which I always liked and it reminded me of Cairo, but this is another story.

Here in PEI our liquor stores are closed with the exception of 4 in total still open on shorten hours. This is creating some problems for Islanders, however you can buy beer from private brewery and we have quite a few craft brewers on the Island. I do not drink beer so this is no help to me. Given that the only store in Charlottetown had 2 city block waiting lines to get in and a maximum on purchase is $100 has been impose, given the price of booze that means 2 to 3  bottles of liquor and 6 bottles of wine. I am starting to think that the Methodist and the Presbyterians have mounted a conspiracy to dry up the Island, an evil plot I tell you. We cannot go to the mainland to shop for liquor in New Brunswick because the bridge is closed. So the only other solution is to drive to Montague which is East of us about 30 minutes on the road and go to the liquor store there. We will visit friends also, this means because of Covid 19, honking your horn in front of their house and screaming and waving as you drive by.


We continue to clean the house and today we dismantle and cleaned the guest bedroom and put it back together. Then Will made some chowder Manhattan style with lots of fish, scallops and shrimps, it was very good. I am just happy that the weather is better and it is Spring.