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In this atmosphere of suspended animation in which we live in since March 12, almost one month ago now, life goes on. So we continue our activities at home and nowhere else since everything is closed. Imagine for a moment what would life be like if we did not have any social media or internet and other electronic gadgets. We would have books, we could take walks, though that is discouraged and for those who do take a short walk just around the block, if you should meet someone immediately there is a tension to walk past but far away, cross the street to the other side, make sure there is that distance. It is very unnatural but necessary. At the grocery store the only place still open to shop, as of today 9 April we must now line up outside the store and be let in one by one. Inside there is a tension and people are watchful of each other, many try to maintain a distance as required and then others simply ignore all and do as they please. This applies to both men and women and if it can be said that some men are clueless about it, women are often trying to prove a point. You would like to say something but better not, such people are looking for an excuse to make a scene.

I did all my shopping ahead of time to avoid Thursday’s rush, the grocery stores are closed Friday, open on Saturday, it will be a zoo and closed again on Sunday. If they open on Monday there will be nothing to shop for given the rush of Saturday and the next delivery trucks will not come before Wednesday next week.

Today the news was grim, the Media in general have been pushing and pressuring the Federal Government and the Provincial Governments to say what are the hypothetical numbers in the statistical model of sick and dead in the coming months. The numbers are not a known fact, they are based on a projection of what could or might happen if people do not change their behaviour to help flatten the curve. The Media ran with it predicting the end of the world and listening to radio news the reader took on a dramatic voice with much inflection to make it sound as terrible as it possibly could. Then you are told this is news you can trust, really? The Prime Minister made it clear that this crisis could easily extend to December with all the restrictions in place. Still a lot of people are flaunting the rules in self-destructive and selfish behaviour.

On the other hand a recent poll shows the Prime Minister JT is getting 97% approval rating for what he is doing in response to the crisis. The opposition Conservative is at 29% not surprising given their highly negative unhelpful tone. You know you are in Canada when the Premier of Quebec says this Easter weekend is not the time to go to Church or participate in religious service given the high possibility of infections in such gatherings. The churches are closed anyway. We are told you can pray at home! Quebec also has the terrible distinction of having 12,000 cases, I cannot understand how that happened. Ontario with a population of 14 million people, twice that of Quebec has 6000 cases. Here in little PEI we have 25 cases and holding, our senior retirement homes are all safe with no cases, a blessing.



Marzipan Lamb of God for your table,  an old Italian tradition.

We have done a lot of baking for Easter, Will made from scratch Hot cross Buns for Good Friday. It took most of the day to make them. I made a German Easter Bread and because it is so big, half of it will be turned into a bread pudding for our Easter day meal. It is only the two of us this year, a first. Will also made little puff pastry meat pies. On Easter Sunday it will be lamb for lunch and we decided to dress up and have a Face Time drinks with our neighbours.


Hope you are all having a good Easter or Passover as the case may be. Best Wishes!