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Well we have been lucky here on PEI. For the last 6 days there were no new cases of the virus, today one appeared in a man in his 30’s who just returned from International travel to give us a total of 3 cases. It is more than clear now that none of the restrictions will be lifted in Canada before at least August. So this could be a long haul and our economy will be impacted by all the restrictions. However the Government of Canada and our Prime Minister have come to the rescue in a big way financially to help Canadians in general. The programs, there are several, are generous, given that Canadians in general have a major personal debt problem and many have mortgages they cannot pay unless they are fully employed, I can see a lot of personal bankruptcies that will push people into permanent poverty. This is not news really since for the last 30 years personal debt has been a big problem for many with too much easy credit and a public ignorant of how personal finances work. An extremely sad situation for many, it could bring a lot of social instability, if we are not careful. In the 1930’s when the great depression struck, Canadians lived mostly on farms and in small rural settlements. Life was simple, many went to a public bath once a week, entertainment was limited. It was not the consumer society of today, far from it. People could make due with little, you made your own food at home, you only bought what was essential and necessary or made without if you could not afford it. My mother use to tell me that getting an orange as a gift at Christmas was a big treat. Other gifts were books and clothing. I can understand how the economic downturn we are living now could create mental health problems for many.

With the city so quiet and deserted, this afternoon I had a shock when getting out of the house to walk Nora, I see across the street this big brown rat walking along on the sidewalk. It was a Norwegian rat, I know them by sight because when I lived in Mexico City you would see them on the street quite often. My concern was Nora and if she saw it would go into killing mode and do her high pitch howling. Now this is a nocturnal creature I wonder if maybe because the city is so quiet we are going to start seeing more creatures coming out here and there. We also live near the river and wharfs which is a natural habitat for these rats. I would prefer seeing urban Foxes instead.

I have decided not to change my winter tires for my summer ones just right now and wait instead another few weeks before going to the garage. I am just concerned with the danger contamination of the car if 3 guys work on it and the clean up job wiping down everything. It can wait I don’t drive the car anyways and it is parked.

I just bought a book on Svetlana Alliluyeva who died in 2011 in Wisconsin while visiting her daughter Olga who is an American citizen. She had the most fascinating life and one filled with sadness, turmoil, death and disappearances. She was well educated and spoke 4 languages. An interview by the BBC done in 1982 in London is very interesting. I had read the biography of her father Josef Stalin and found it harrowing. I also saw the movie Death of Stalin, which is not a comedy but shows the absurdity of the Soviet Regime. She said that all her life she was hostage of her father’s name. I am fascinated by this historical period and by the people who lived in the entourage of Stalin.


We are running out of things to do. We will have to be more creative.