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The weeks are moving faster and faster, the days are long, strange way time is moving, is it all part of this Pandemic. My sense of time has changed and it is related in part to the fact that there is little to do and tomorrow well there is nothing to do. We have to invent activities.

So the mighty Island is closed off to non Islanders, that is people who do not live here permanently and have the paperwork to prove it. The Government of PEI today decreed a State of Emergency which empowers the police to assist the public service in their duties, this decree comes on top of another decree of Public Health Emergency. Both are valid until 30 April 2020 and will most probably be extended beyond that date.

All this means that no one can come to PEI to occupy their Summer Season Cottage, in the Summer we usually have a surge of tourists, many from the USA who have been coming for years to PEI to occupy their second home. Not this year, no that won’t happen. The Sea Bridge, the ferries, all ports and harbours are closed and under surveillance to prevent people from entering PEI. Some have already argued that this goes against Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms but given our current circumstances it is an acceptable and reasonable infringement on this right to restrict movement.

As an Islander and like many other people living here permanently I am happy with this decision by my Government on this matter. We have been spared the worst of this Pandemic and want to keep it that way. As of 16 April 2020, PEI has 3 active cases, no deaths and no hospitalizations.


I have been having this discussion on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with fellow blogger Moving with Mitchell. movingwithmitchell.wordpress.com  who has been delighting us with tales of culinary delight…  So tonight I phoned my little sister who lives in Brooklyn and who loves Mac & Cheese, to ask her if she remembers that Kraft Mac and Cheese dinners congeal quickly once they cool. She confirmed that yes, it is better to make it in your crockpot and simply eat it directly from said crockpot while it is hot and not bother with plates and eating at the dinner table. I should have known this but this fact escaped me. Then I remembered that when at home and I was babysitting her and my younger brother I would make proper macaroni and cheese not the box stuff. This did not prevent them from accusing me in front of our Mom of trying to poison them, such grateful siblings I have.

My sister works at a big palliative care hospital in the Bronx and she is doing fine, though a bit tired. Nonetheless it is a stressful situation for her and her husband who also works at the same facility.



I found this sketch of what the Humboldt Forum former City Palace in Berlin will look like once opened later this year. The dome and the large former chapel below is now called in this diagram the Hall of the Sword Bearer, I do not know why this name is given. The other interesting part which I did see during excavations of the former parking lot in 1998 is the ruined underground portion of what was once the Palace kitchens, it will be possible to visit them, I remember the walls covered in white porcelain tiles.

I do have a Prussian Artillery Officer’s sword, c.1889. It was given to me around 1999 as a Birthday gift by a friend when we lived in Poland. It has the name of the manufacturer on the blade, J.R.O. Brecht, Hoelieferant, (supplier), Berlin. Preussischer Kavalerie-Offizier- Säbel mit Löwenkopf.