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Another quiet day here in Charlottetown, it is in a way very nice, you can actually hear the chimes of both the R.C. Basilica and the Anglican Church up the street on the hour and half hour. Nice sunny day with a light cool wind.

The Prime Minister at his daily briefing told the Nation that the borders will remain closed for another month. The US Administration agreed that this was the best course of action, despite the Donald telling everyone that he wants to go back to normal pronto. Seems our PM has a way to sooth the evil beast in the White House, he reminds him that if you take one course what might happen. It has been an education for the gang around Trump that Canada does matter to the US economy and well being.
I do have a feeling that our border will remain closed for a few more months or at least as long as the Covid 19 rages in the USA. Here in Canada in some Provinces it appear that the curve is flattening and we will know more in 2 weeks time. It seems that all the measures taken by the Government of Canada and the Provinces are working. It is just a bit boring, but I am continuing to read and walking in the park by the river.


So no visitors this Summer and none of those awful cruise ships. I use to love cruising but not anymore. All the Summer Festivals have been cancelled all over Canada. I am phoning friends and sending SMS to people we know keeping in touch, so far no one we know is sick. My brother and sister-in-law and my sister and brother-in-law in the USA are well. So we are lucky in many ways.

The radio show C’est si bon on Radio-Canada with Jacques Saucier plays music from the 1920 to 1970 and has he says, it is nice to have this music to make us smile in a time of trouble.


Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadian Orchestra with singer Bill Flanagan.