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I did not know that you could lift with a giant helicopter some 16 tons. This is the weight of the Lantern to be installed on top of the dome, some 350 feet above ground, a delicate installation. Military grade helicopters can lift much more.

At the end of May this is what is schedule to happen, the lantern on the dome of the City Palace will be lifted up and delicately lowered and installed. The requirement is for a windless day, a certain stillness in the air so to speak. I am sure it will be quite the show to see this happen. It is also not clear how they will get the Lantern to the City Palace. The workshop is at some distance. Will they fly it over by helicopter to the site? Possibly.


Here is a photo in the workshop with the balustrade and one bronze angel assembled. The entire Lantern is over 35 feet in height. This photo does not give a correct appreciation of the size of this Lantern which will sit at the top of the dome.


You may recall that in an earlier post I mentioned that in rebuilding the City Palace in Berlin now known as the Humboldt Forum, it was important to involve the general public and reflect the historical past of Berlin from 1445.  It was King Frederick Wilhelm IV (1795-1861) who was a very religious man, who had the dome designed along Christian iconography. It is in direct contrast with the other palace courtyard with Greek gods of antiquity designed earlier by architect/sculptor Andreas Schlüter (1664-1714) who worked for the Prince Elector Frederick I. In the case of the Schlüterhof all the statues will be installed later this Summer I believe there is 12 total, all newly sculpted to replace the original which were badly damaged in 1945 which are now installed in a gallery of the Humboldt Forum museum.


The little film below show above the main entrance portico of the Honour Courtyard four statues representing Christian Virtues, each 3 meter tall, reproductions in Sandstone from photos and drawings. Faith, Love, Prayer, Hope, Christian virtues King Frederick Wilhelm IV wanted represented. It was part of his very conservative mindset.

Here is a little film on their installation recently in German with English subtitles.