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Yesterday I had an idea, I was watching someone’s video on YouTube where this person was talking about pet projects like interior decorating, cocktails, cuisine, books, etc.  It started me thinking that maybe I should have a YouTube channel instead of a written blog. I could present whatever topic and it would be recorded live with graphics and nice background. Several people do it, from their kitchen, living room, bedroom, Office or with a moving scenery behind them like the ocean. It would be different I think. However I remember doing short videos for YouTube during my political campaign, I did 7 videos and each one took a lot of time. Writing a text first of all that was concise and to the point. Then filming it and editing it, several days could be spent doing this. So when you go to YouTube and you have someone presenting, remember that they did not do this in 5 minutes and it is not spur of the moment.

This is an example of what I did then. I had help because I am not fluent in the techno side of making videos. It was fun but it was work.

Another challenge is the content and visuals must always be different in a video. When writing it is a lot easier, you expand on one ideas and write it down, put up a few pictures and voilà.

The other challenge is the equipment, doing video requires a lot of equipment from the camera to the microphone, lights, etc. You can do it yourself yes but you can also require someone to help you out. I would really have to study the whole thing carefully and see if it is worth it.

Now that I have more than 1000 entries and close to 500 followers here on this blog, I feel I have written a big book about life and events.