I joined Facebook in 2008 and never really liked the concept or the way discussions took place. Someone said; Facebook is where you argue with perfect strangers and trade insults. FB is also a place where people post things with little understanding of what they are posting and in many cases involving social or political issues, it is false and misleading. I am also tired of reading stuff about Trump or the USA. It’s not my country, I do not vote in the US Elections and for me it is a foreign country like any other. So I do not care and I am more interested in what happens in Canada where I live and am a taxpayer and voting citizen. We have serious issues in Canada to deal with and that is quite enough for me.

I have also grown disenchanted to put it mildly with the level of Civic Illiteracy amongst people in general who do not understand how our Canadian Parliamentary system work,  how our various levels of government function, from Municipal, Provincial to Federal, it’s not all the same and each have separate powers and jurisdictions. Same for our judicial system, imagine having to explain repeatedly that our judges are independent of political machinations, giving out judgements based on how the Law is written and being mindful of our Constitution and the Charter, many simply do not understand this basic concept.  If this has to be explained each time an issue surfaces, well in that case, we have a serious problem. FB is simply not a good medium for any adult discussion. There is also far too much bait and switch coming from the media.

I am also tired on FB and on Instagram to a lesser extend with all the hatred and awful comments from people who imagine that they have a right to make a spectacle of their ignorance and be proud of it or who belong to extremist groups and think they have a right to insult freely, a dangerous thing to do on PEI with our little population of 150k or Charlottetown at 36K.

So I am stepping back from FB, enough is enough and I am not in the mood to discuss with people who are only concerned with themselves and ME,ME,ME why the world is not obeying their selfish wishes.

I have had a blog now since 1998, it started with LiveJournal, then it migrated to Blogspot and now WordPress. Readers know that my blog is a personal journal of the many things I like, from food to travel, to music, various topics on archeology, history, art and culture or simply on books I read or reminiscence of things past. I can actually say I remember the 1960’s it is sort of scary but hey its a fact.

Blogs are a way to express yourself and discover what other people think or how they feel. I have made long distance friends on my blog, pretty much like my life a long distance story over decades in many countries. To me this is a much better place than FB any given day.


I chose this painting of a writer because the subject is left handed like me.