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In the mid-1990 I became interested in Dresden in the province of Saxony, formerly East Germany. We visited Bach’s city Leipzieg also in Saxony, which is a worth a visit for the music and the art. However Dresden is a miracle or re-birth and to see it today you can only be glad that the people of Dresden had the vision to resurrect their city from the ashes of the Second World War and the utter mismanagement of the East German Communists.

We followed for many years the reconstruction which has been on-going for 30 years and one spectacular example is the Frauenkirche in old Dresden. A Lutheran Church built originally with donations by the Lutheran community of Dresden in response to the King August the Strong who wanted to become King of Poland but had to convert to Catholicism to do so and built a Catholic Cathedral next to his palace.  Saxony is a very protestant state and Martin Luther had a strong influence at the time of the Reformation.

The Frauenkirche now has on a weekly basis on YouTube short concerts from this magnificent baroque church built by Georg Bähr the great master architect of the Baroque era in Germany.  The video shows the interior of the church and you can hear the great organ. Think that after February 1945 this church was nothing but a pile of rubble.

If you ever have a chance to visit Saxony and Dresden, it is well worth it. For those who love fine porcelain the city of Meissen, which is minutes away is the historical centre of porcelain making for Royalty all over Europe.