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Well we had quite the scare, Nora our 11 yr old wire hair Dachshund was very sick on Thursday,  it all started in the morning with blood in her stool and vomiting her morning breakfast. All day more blood, at 4pm I called the AVC at UPEI where we always go if both Nora or Nick need anything. Nora is well known at the AVC because she always clowns around and the staff love her.

We live just 5 minutes away from the Atlantic Veterinary College, so I rushed over. The new protocols due to Covid 19 means that once in the parking lot you have to call and the Vet and Vet students meet you at the car. It is a small lot only 12 parking spaces and they came to pick her up. The look on her face was priceless, she really did not want to go with them, she did not say anything but she looked panicked. The AVC has excellent service and you will often get a lot of consultation with other Vets and Vet Students, it is a teaching Vet Hospital part of the University of PEI with a North American reputation.

It appears that Nora ate something, maybe mulch which is everywhere in gardens. So blood tests were done and after 5 hours of me waiting in the parking lot and getting briefings and questions from the Vet on my phone. I was told that Nora had some kind of intestinal issue, though it was not clear what. Otherwise she is a healthy little dog with no health problems. The Vet gave us medication for the next 5 days and instructions to bring her back immediately if she per example would not keep food down or if the bleeding continued in her feces.

In the morning we gave her, as per the instructions, a small amount of food, she was very hungry but we did not give her anymore. Nora was not a happy Dachshund. If did keep it down and has eaten more since throughout the day with no problems, however the bleeding continued. Today Saturday, the bleeding has stopped and Nora has returned to her normal self and behaviour, which can be endearing to a point, we cater to her whims and she talks to us in a complex modulation of growls. We are still restricting her diet and she is puzzled by that, the routine is changed. If all continues to go well by Monday we will return to the normal schedule.

This is not the first time Nora has given us worry, she is only 3 inches off the ground so she is always looking for something to eat, dachshund attitude. Luckily Nicky is more picky, he won’t eat what is on the ground, unless its on the kitchen floor, like today, Will is making pies and a piece of dough fell to the floor, Nicky was on it in a flash and gone, at least dough is safe. The two of them are little monsters of attention. Makes for a lot of worry and we are happy she is feeling better. Next week we will be back at the AVC for their annual shots for both of them.


Nora enjoying the sunshine on the deck yesterday


Nora today snuggling on the sofa under her cover. She is feeling better. Every night we have to entice her to go sleep in her kennel, her maison, she would much prefer to sleep on the sofa, more to her liking. She gives us such looks, quite the actress.