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Well we were back at the Atlantic Veterinary College, AVC at UPEI with Nick and Nora for their annual shots and physical exam etc. Our Vet, Dr West is a charming man with years of experience. Because of the pandemic the protocol is for us to stay in the small parking lot of the college, the lot is surrounded by gardens with mature trees and you can enjoy a nice breeze in the shade. One garden is dedicated to poisonous plants. Nick and Nora were whisked inside by the nurse. Dr West came out a little later to tell us what was happening and while talking about the hounds, Dachshunds belong to the hound family,  he told us something we knew from having dogs for 30 years, that they (Nick and Nora) were playing us to get what they wanted.  Walt Disney lied, they are not all sweetness, they are mostly calculating.

Bundnie Reese.jpeg

Reesie Of Chicago and Bundnie of Cairo in Ottawa in 1995 in the Fall on our home deck.

Nora and Nick

Nora of Capena and Fantastico Nicky in Ottawa in 2013 in our den.

Our Dachshunds we learned are too clever for words and by constantly observing us they get to know which buttons to push to get a treat, we say Biscuit or wanting to be put up on the sofa, or wanting their blanket re-arranged so they can nestle, go out for a walk, they usually decide where we will go or a myriad of other demands. They are also punctual about meals 07:30am for breakfast and 5:00pm for dinner and do not forget. We get dirty looks and low growl if the service is not punctual. Walks at 10am and then at 2pm and 4pm finally at 9pm.

Right now it is a few minutes, 10 to be exact, before dinner and already Nicky is moaning as if in pain for his dinner. Nora simply let’s him do it but gives pleading looks. We also have a routine for breakfast which is always followed by a small piece of banana, after dinner a small piece of cheese usually gouda. At cocktail time as I reach for ice for drinks, they expect a sliver of ice each. Little rituals we cannot depart from.  If food is being prepared they are in the kitchen and will not be moved.

When it comes to their health, we do watch carefully, last Thursday night I spent 5 hours at the AVC but it was worth it and yesterday Dr West confirmed that Nora was better and this week she would make a full recovery. Nick got his shots and will have to return for teeth cleaning and so will she. Hopefully it is just a cleaning not extraction. Vet service in Canada is very expensive compared to elsewhere in the World.

Though they are cunning, they are also adorable and we created this situation by spoiling them and catering to their needs. They learn very quickly if food is involved and never forget. Will often remarks how they cannot remember commands unless their meal is being prepared. Nora also has the habit of listening to you as long as you are in sight, the minute your back is turned, she will revert to what she was doing completely forgetting whatever you said. If we scold her for something she takes this offended look. Our Bundnie who was a short hair Dachshund use to turn her back on us if displeased with us.

Now it is just past 10 pm and Nicky has been sleeping next to me in the living room, he suddenly wakes up, looks at me with his big eyes, I ask him if he wants to go sleep  or Do Do in French and he jumps down and runs to his kennel and blanket because he will get a treat. Nora follows this little manège and does not move from the sofa but she too will want a treat. When she finally goes to bed she will get another treat and Nicky will wake up just so he too can get an extra treat. How they can go from deep slumber to wakefulness in seconds is beyond my understanding.

So we will just have to live with it I suppose and think of ourselves as personal assistants to them. As long as they are in good health and happy that is all that matters.