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So far 2020 has been one long disaster and everything is so strange that it is difficult to just go on since nothing is normal and the future is very uncertain.

There is a lot of fear in the air, people do not think in a rational manner, the irrational is the norm, nothing is logical nor reasonable.

While it appears that in Canada and in the Maritimes we have past the worst of this pandemic and it is now behind us, this is not so for the rest of the world. However here in Charlottetown and elsewhere with no tourist season, for us in PEI this means grave consequences come the Fall and Winter, there is going to be real poverty and want.

Coupled with this pandemic, weird events happen, this morning at 06:30 am a man ran through the gate of Rideau Hall with his truck. This is the Official Residence of the Governor General and in another house on the Estate the Prime Minister has his residence.  This guy was armed to the teeth and it turns out he is a member of the Armed Forces. Luckily neither the Governor General nor the Prime Minister where present. This guy was upset and wanted to talk to the PM.

Last week we had the BLM march and the Native Live matter march, everyone wants change and want it now. Many strange statements have been made, opinion pieces appear in the media. Not much is articulated properly, it is just a grab bag of agendas and demands, most come from various groups who present themselves as victims. One demand is to get rid of Canadian history as a whole and come up with a new politically correct history that would force the dead to confess to wrong doing committed 100 plus years ago. There is no point in stating that the past is gone and dead and you cannot change it, no one is listening.

For those people, Canada is the worst place on Earth to live. I wonder where would they be happy. There have been other events since January to disturb the normal course of life and coupled with this Pandemic it all becomes surreal and difficult to cope.

The bridge is re-opening in just about 45 minutes to allow us to cross to the mainland and vice-versa, however the procedure to do so is similar to that of going across an International border and requires prior registration online. I can see long lines of cars and several hour of delays simply to enter or exit the Island.

We were also warned today by the Chief Medical Officer of PEI that in all likelyhood we will see new cases of Covid19 on the Island in the coming weeks and months. At the moment no one is paying attention because it is Summer.

The future if we can call it that, is very uncertain and it is difficult to live with so much uncertainty. Maybe there is no future, maybe the world as we knew it ended in 2019.

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