On a hot muggy Summer day when a thunderstorm is possible, we need light music. Emmanuel Chabrier composed Suite Pastorale in 1888.

Between 1881 and 1888 Chabrier orchestrated Idylle, Danse villageoise, Sous-bois and Scherzo-valse to form the Suite pastorale. The suite was first performed on 4 November 1888 by the Association artistique d’Angers conducted by Chabrier himself. These four pieces are taken from Chabrier’s composition for piano of 10 pieces called Pièces pittoresques composed in 1881.


Painting by Henri Fantin-Latour entitled Autour du piano. Chabrier is playing and his friends listen, Adolphe Julien, Arthur Boisseau, Camille Benoît, Edmond Maître, Antoine Lascoux, Vincent D’Indy and Amédée Pigeon.